This is a device manufactured by the renowned South Korean manufacturer, ViewM Technology Co., Ltd., which is suspended from the arm of the examination unit and used to precisely designate the degree of the refraction error and the spherical or cylindrical correction. The device measures the eye refraction using a series of lenses located inside it which the doctor can change with the press of a button on the phoropter’s control panel. In this type of examination, the binocular eyepiece is placed in front of the patient’s face and the patient follows the optotypes (differently sized letters) on the display through the phoropter’s examination unit (just like through a telescope).

The examination unit contains several cases of lenses which rotate around a common axis; they are the sets of test lenses. The lenses can be changed quickly, right in front of your eyes, and it is possible to set new values or to return the previous values for a repeat assessment by the patient. The doctor can therefore find the number of dioptres to correct any eye defect more comfortably and pleasantly for the patient. Moreover, it is also possible to use a finer scale than in the case of other methods and each eye can be tested separately, if needed.

The phoropter therefore provides a more modern and faster way of setting the correction than when using a classic lens holder which patients wear on their face, as the doctor manually changes the lenses.