A cutting-edge device made by the British manufacturer Keeler Ltd., which has been designed to examine ocular tissue. This is basically a special microscope which enables particularly the perfect examination of the anterior segment of the eye (the cornea, the iris, the lens, the anterior chamber and so on). The microscope is connected to a light source (a lamp), in which the light passes through a narrow slit. The doctor then observes the eye through the microscope so as to acquire an optical cross section of the illuminated tissue in the anterior section of the eye. The tissue is illuminated during the examination either by a direct line of light or by the reflected light. It is necessary to expand the pupil by applying eye drops before the performance of the slit lamp examination.

The Keeler slit lamp has an adjustable LED light source, optical filters, a variable light slit with the tilting of the illumination and various sizes of illumination aperture and it enables the high degree of optical magnification which is necessary to observe microscopic findings and provides a sharp, clear picture with the absolute elimination of any optical aberrations and distortion of the visual field.