This is a cutting-edge device from the Japanese manufacturer NIDEK CO., LTD., which combines refraction measurement, keratometry, intraocular pressure measurement and pachymetry, all performed in a contactless manner. Put simply, this is a device which has been designed to automatically measure the parameters of the eye and the retinal curvature and to designate the number of dioptres.

The auto refracto/kerato/tonometer carries out accommodation measurements and measures objective refraction (with an increased range), retinal curvature in the centre, intraocular pressure, pachymetry, retroillumination – opacity assessment, the corneal diameter, the pupil diameter, PD and the accommodation width and calculates the intraocular pressure in association with the corneal thickness. Further features of the Tonoref III device include automatic 3D localisation of the eye measurement (on the x, y and z axes), automatic measurement start-up, an electrically operated chin rest, a built-in printer and a tilting colour LCD display.

The examination is realised by the patient placing his or her head on the forehead and chin rests and looking at a picture in the device while in this position. The device quickly measures the eyes and evaluates the data. The measurement is objective (independent of human judgement).